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What are you wearing to feel best all year?
Toddler favourite now a board book!
Opposites on board...
picture books
co-created with Nell Jocelyn
co-created with Nell Jocelyn
Illustrated by Tom Slaughter
Originally written by Beth Gleick in 1960.
Who eats what?
Alphabet in English, French & Spanish
Look at Opposites "with pizzazz"
also available in Danish and Japanese!
Summer lingers and hurries by at the same time.
Wake up, Nellie! The fun is about to begin!
Governor General Award Finalist
Teen Novel
"Poignant and ... witty"
Eleven writers you've likely never heard of, but will never forget...
A history of the Foundling Hospital in London, England
middle grade
historical fiction
Orphan meets real world. Part of the SECRETS series.
"An irresistible blend of depth, wit and inventiveness."(Toronto Star)
A story for reluctant teen readers about the first New York City subway!
Most Distinguished Book of the Year! 2004
craft books
short stories in anthologies
Stories selected by Marthe Jocelyn
Stories selected by Marthe Jocelyn
Chapter Books
The Invisible Day, The Invisible Harry, The Invisible Enemy 3 books about being invisible in Manhattan


Eleven Essentials

This workshop is designed to provide the necessary tools to help meet the challenge of creating a children’s book. The class will focus on Eleven Essentials to think about on every page. We’ll have time for thorough critiques of students’ work submitted in advance, as well as the practical application of self-starting and obstacle-smashing exercises. There will be required reading before and homework in between the two sessions.

If you're interested in having me
conduct a workshop in your community
please contact me for details

email: marthe@​

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Hi marthe. I adored your book, Scribbling Women, so much that I told all of my friends about it. I know it was written for young adults, but it's a lovely book for grown ups too! And I wrote you a letter. I hope you got it? Here is the link to it. Please keep writing. Amy Gigi Alexander

What a beautiful website! Your books are adorable. I am especially excited about the "Hannah" books - my second oldest daughter's name is Hannah, she will love these!

It was wonderful meeting you in Key West!
~Jessica John

Hello Mrs. Jocelyn!

I'm doing an author research project on you and your novel Would You. It's a great book about reality and it really reminds me how important siblings are to me. I also have some questions to ask you.

Thanks Miranda! :)

P.S. Your website gave me a lot of information for my project!
P.S.S. The last post, the little symbols at the end were supposed to be a heart, but I don't know what happened! Sorry!!!

Hello Mrs. Jocelyn!
We've been emailing and I'm doing an Author Study Project on you for school. You have such great writing talent and I love your book Would You. I hope one day I can be an author like you for teens! Please keep writing novels for teens, and I will read them! I promise! ¢¾
Your #1 Fan,
Sidney from Maryland (:

Hi, marthe it's me, Ladonna from the creative writing club in new Toronto library and I came to say hi and to say that I was was wrong about not liking non-fiction books, yours was quite good even though I never got the chance to finish it! And, I was wondering when your book is getting released? Or when it already did?
Bye, hope you remember me


hi im doing a school project on you. I was just wondering if you have a favorite quote, if so, what is it?

Please wright back as soon as posible. Thank you.

Hello Mrs. Jocelyn, I am Helena from British Columbia. I finally read your book "Mable Riley" after spying it on the shelves of the local library. I was wondering if you would write a sequel to it, or another book similar to it. Thank you for reading this! (if you did):D

thank you for coming into Mrs. Russel's class on Wednesday and telling us about being a writer. i love to write, so it was great! i think that everyone else enjoyed it too. I've read some of your books( eg. Mable Riley, Would you) and they are awesome! I love how you incorporate real events that have happened into your books. your websites great! Thanks again ~ Jessica

The visit from you in yorkdale was fun! I really enjoyed your presentation. I enjoyed most was the part when there was interaction between you and the audience. I just read the firt part of your book "Would You" and it aready interests me.

hi mrs.jocelyn im danica im not sure if you remembered me i was the girl who kept asking questiong and bought the book how it happened in peach hill.
You asked us earlier to send you the hot writting thing so here is mine :)
i would have been in so much trouble if I've been caught drinking underage.It was just a dare at first but who would have thought that gunshots would be pulled and that lives would be taken away.
So thats what i was able to think of hope you enjoyed it.
p.s i tried e-mailing this to you but it didnt work so i put it up here
-danica :)

Hello! I'm Taschima from Bloody Bookaholic and I wish to review your book Folly. If you would like to of course. I have over 600 follower (650 in fact) and a lot of people go and see the site daily. The book really sounds like a great read.

Well, let me know ^^

Taschima Cullen,

I like your web site very much. I would have contacted you a few decades sooner but I forgot that you spell your name Marthe, not Martha. Best regards, Graeme from Brisbane, Australia

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho