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Board Books
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What are you wearing to feel best all year?
Toddler favourite now a board book!
Opposites on board...
picture books
co-created with Nell Jocelyn
co-created with Nell Jocelyn
Illustrated by Tom Slaughter
Originally written by Beth Gleick in 1960.
Who eats what?
Alphabet in English, French & Spanish
Look at Opposites "with pizzazz"
also available in Danish and Japanese!
Summer lingers and hurries by at the same time.
Wake up, Nellie! The fun is about to begin!
Governor General Award Finalist
Teen Novel
"Poignant and ... witty"
Eleven writers you've likely never heard of, but will never forget...
A history of the Foundling Hospital in London, England
middle grade
historical fiction
Orphan meets real world. Part of the SECRETS series.
"An irresistible blend of depth, wit and inventiveness."(Toronto Star)
A story for reluctant teen readers about the first New York City subway!
Most Distinguished Book of the Year! 2004
craft books
short stories in anthologies
Stories selected by Marthe Jocelyn
Stories selected by Marthe Jocelyn
Chapter Books
The Invisible Day, The Invisible Harry, The Invisible Enemy 3 books about being invisible in Manhattan


Where do you Look?
Where do you look for glasses?
On a shelf? or on your face?

Sam Sorts (a hundred favorite things)
Sam's things are in a heap. Time to tidy up.
How do you decide which pile to put that zebra in?
Is it striped? Is it an animal? Is it black and white?

Viminy Crowe's Comic Book
Part graphic novel and all wild adventure! Addy and Wylder fall into the pages of Uncle Viminy's comic book... and soon mess up the plot in a BIG way.

A Big Dose of Lucky
Malou is forced to consider who her birth family might be when the orphanage she was raised in burns to the ground. Growing up as the only brown face in a white Home has not prepared her for meeting other brown-skinned teenagers in the daunting and, until now, inconceivable real world...

Sneaky Art
Funny and surprising craft projects

Time is When
Originally written by Beth Gleick in 1960. Now re-printed with collage illustrations
by Marthe Jocelyn

First Times
My story is called The New World.
There are 13 other stories
by great North American writers.

Ready for Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
Four new board books dress up the seasons!
Collage illustrations bring texture and pattern to life...

Annie's mother can speak to the dead.
But she can't really talk to Annie...

"Along with the humour, the quips and quirks
of the medium's patter, Jocelyn offers her
readers real substance a valiant, enterprising
hero of a girl whose struggles for independence
from her grasping, manipulative mother are
painful and familiar." (Toronto Star)

A Trilingual Alphabet


An anthology of tales about secrets, waiting to be told...

A Home for Foundlings
During the 1800s, children were particularly vulnerable in the world at large. In much of Europe, the mortality rate among children of the poor was as high as 90%, and there were few social nets for those without parents. The establishment of the extraordinary Foundling Hospital by Thomas Coram, was, in its way, a revolution.

The Palazzo Funeral Parlor
Story in the collection On Her Way
Sisters move into the apartment above a funeral parlour. When their piano teacher dies, their curiosity takes over. . .

winner of the TD Canadian Childrens Literature Award for Most Distinguished Book of the Year!

Mable Riley:A Reliable Record ofHumdrum, Peril & Romance
This story of a fledgling writer and awakening activist in 1901 was inspired by diaries I found in the attic of my grandmother's house..

A Day With Nellie
The reaction to my art that I like best is when a child tries to pick something up from the page.
In A Day With Nellie, this could happen over and over, as each part of the toddler's day is illustrated in bright and humorous collage.

Hannah and the Seven Dresses
Hannah twirls, jumps, plays, and of course, gets dressed, with her red sneakers the one aspect of her fashion statement that never changes. Seven days, seven colours, seven dresses. What will Hannah wear today?

Hannah's Collections
This book is packed with things that teachers love, like primary math concepts and problem-solving. But it also has beautiful pictures that were REALLY hard to make! For instance, look closely at those popsicle sticks. Only on one page are they real - all the others are hand-carved to fit the scale of the picture. Look again!

Earthly Astonishments
I first imagined the heroine, Josephine, to be a tiny, magical creature, but soon realized that by making her a real child, readers would be more able to identify with her. Then I placed her in a time when New York City was teeming with construction and con-artists, crowded with lost souls struggling to be found...
I wanted to write a 'dime novel', a page-turner full of adventure.
I like the review (Riverbank Review) that says: "In true Dickensian fashion, Jocelyn makes Josephine comfortable in (her) new life, then resuscitates sundry villains to complicate the melodrama... Jocelyn's novel performs a delicate balancing act, maintaining a moral grounding in spite of a sensationalistic plot."

The Invisible books
The Invisible Day was my very first book.
When my older daughter was nine years old, she began to yearn for more mobility in the big city. Just as Billie Stoner's mother does in the book, I was still walking my daughter to school and anywhere else she needed to go. Kids that age in New York don't get to be alone very often.
"You'd have to be invisible before I'd let you walk around by yourself," I told her.
And there was the IDEA for a story.

The Invisible Harry
"Fans of The Invisible Day will love being reunited with Marthe Jocelyn's unforgettable case of zany characters and Abby Carter's quirky illustrations."

My daughter, Nell, has always longed for a puppy, or even a pet of a less demanding nature. But a small apartment in New York City is really not a good home for a dog. The Invisible Harry was written to prove that, though of course I had to give it a happy ending!

The Invisible Enemy
What do you do when your sworn enemy becomes invisible and only you know how to fix her?
Do you leave her invisible?
Or do you help her, only to have her wreak havoc on you again? And if you do come to your enemy's aid, does that make her your friend?
I wanted to write a story about kids who have to figure out how to get along, how to rely on each other, even if they're not really friends. And having a little messy magic always helps stir up trouble.

Don't you love hearing secrets?

There is more to numbers than counting... Soon to be a BOARD BOOK!

Coming Soon as a BOARD BOOK!


New in paperback!

in paperback!

How much trouble could it be to look after an invisible puppy?