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Aggie and Hector find another body!
Nominated for an Edgar Award 2022!!
            A third dead body for Aggie and Hector. . .
A second adventure for Aggie and Hector, this time in a snowbound country house at Christmas time...
"My uncle James was the sort of person who liked having extra children come for Christmas. Not the sort of person who would invite a murderer on purpose."

Meet Aggie Morton,

Mystery Queen!

"A deceptively simple, joyous introduction to set theory..." STARRED review in KIRKUS!
"These are textured, smart characters... poignant and often witty..." Kirkus Review

What We Hide is the winner of the inaugural
Amy Mathers Teen Book Award!

From Orca Books! (use link in the side panel to read more about the series...) Or go to www.readthesecrets.com
Look out for SNEAKY ART! Now in stores and libraries!
Where will you look in February for this new book? Co-created with my daughter, Nell Jocelyn.
THREE STARRED reviews! Selected as one of the Not-to-Miss books at Book Expo 2011
"Scribbling Women is a powerfully respectful, artful and even joyous celebration of a group of diverse women and what they left us in their writing. It’s also a rare and subtle demonstration of how to read — for enjoyment, of course, but also for the tidbits of information that even the most casual and rustic records can give us. Highly recommended." Deirdre Baker, Toronto Star
"...readers will care very much for these characters as they experience first love and sex, physical pain, jealousy, homelessness, hunger, shame, desertion, and heart-wrenching decisions..." School Library Journal
Will you pedal or drive to pick up this book?**

YES! I won an amazing award!
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PEACH IN PAPER! Available April 2009
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MABLE WON A PRIZE!!The TD Canadian Children's Literature Award for Most Distinguished Book of the Year!!
Shortlisted for the NORMA FLECK AWARD 2005!!AND chosen by Quill & Quire as one of the top FIVE children's books of the year! **

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