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A Big Dose of Lucky

The SECRETS series!!

Seven authors, seven orphans...
Seven stories that can be read in any order...
Pub date: September 29th, 2015


(scroll down to see covers for the entire series)

Coming in September 2015. Don't miss the other six books in the series!

Malou is forced to consider who her birth family might be when the orphanage she was raised in burns to the ground. Growing up as the only brown face in a white Home has not prepared her for meeting other brown-skinned teenagers in the daunting and, until now, inconceivable real world...

Tess sees things that other people can't see ... Is she crazy?
Dot's summer is about to get much hotter...
Sarah has never been on a bus, let alone an airplane to Germany.
Cady stirs up trouble in a Southern town, starting with the ashes of a long ago murder.
Toni's secret sends her looking in very dark corners.
What Betty learns... and THEN what Betty learns... turns her quiet life upside down.