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Hannah's Collections

What do YOU collect?

Booklist/September 2000

Spreads and individual scenes in this bright, boldly graphic picture book possess startling clarity, a quality that enhances the book’s presentation of Hannah’s many collections. The story describes Hannah’s dilemma: which of her beloved collections should she share with her class? After being treated to a look at assorted groupings—153 buttons, 19 feathers, and 5 rings, to name just a few—children will applaud the surprise solution Hannah devises to get a representative sampling of her collections to school. The collages, which use real buttons, shells, Popsicle sticks, barrettes, dolls, and more, will bring children back for second and third looks, but the book is more than just eye candy. The story framework presents ingenious opportunities for preschoolers to practice some important thinking skills: counting, mathematical grouping, naming objects, and creative problem solving are all seamlessly wrapped up in this fresh, visually vibrant display. —Denise Wilms